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We have all tried temporary forms of hair removal and have experienced the harsh effects of wax, the daily pain of tweezing, or have had a failed attempt with an in-home or professional laser treatment. In the end, our hair either regrows or only reduces and we're back to hiding our skin and feeling embarrassed. That's where Vanish Electrolysis can help! We have been working with people just like you since 2013 and helped them regain their self-esteem and enjoy the skin they're in. Regardless of the cause - heredity, metabolic or hormonal conditions - Electrolysis can help you regain your confidence and reveal your natural and beautiful hair-free skin!

Our Services

Each treatment plan varies greatly, so it is best to book a complimentary consultation before beginning Electrolysis. Consultations allow us to assess the area and create a customized hair-removal plan for you.

Please call or text for pricing information and appointment availability.

  • ​Electrolysis Consultation - Thinking about trying Electrolysis? Our consultations are complimentary and customized based on your individual needs. Contact us or book online to find out what Electrolysis can do for you!

  • 7 Minute Treatment - This service is for someone with very little hair or who is in their final stages of hair removal. If you just don't have enough hair to fill 15 minutes, Vanish may suggest this service to you!

  • ​15 Minute Treatment - Our shortest treatment for someone with minimal hair growth. A few chin hairs or an eyebrow clean-up are good examples of a 15 minute session.

  • ​20 Minute Treatment - This service may be suggested if you have a bit more hair than what can be removed in 15 minutes.

  • ​30 Minute Treatment - Our 30 minute service is for someone with more than just a few hairs! Commonly a face clean-up, full eyebrow clean-up or chin/lip combo are good examples of a 30 minute session.

  • ​45 Minute Treatment - Again, this service is for someone with a bit more hair to remove or for someone working on multiple areas.

  • ​60, 75, or 90 Minute Treatment - These are our longest appointment times. These are suited for someone with a large amount of hair to be removed or those working on larger areas of the body at one time.